Monday, June 6, 2016

Family Friendly Entertainment?

Circuses are suppose to be a family friendly show that allows people to see different acts performed by large animals. But what people don't see is the way these animals treated in order to get them to perform. PETA has investigated the Ringling Brothers Circus for many years and what they have found is disturbing and graphic.  

In this video you can see the elephants being abused and tied up.  

Elephants are torn away from their mothers as babys and forced to start training. In the wild baby Elephants stay with their mothers for 2-4 years. They use bull hooks, and electric prods, to punish the animals if they arent doing what they want. In one video they are beating the elephants before a show to “get them ready and remind the elephants whose in charge.”

Its not just the Elephants that are suffering, The Ringling Bros. are also known for their Big cat act which includes Lions, and Tigers, doing tricks through rings of fire and other things. When the circus is traveling from place to place the big cats  One report by Animal Defenders International revealed that tigers spend between 75% and 99% of their time in cramped 6.5-foot-by-8-foot cages.

Tigers have an innate fear of fire, yet they are beaten into jumping through burning hoops. Imagine how terrifying circus trainers must be if tigers would rather jump through FIRE than face punishment
Why haven't done anything to stop this?
How do people think its okay for animals to be treated like this?

Monday, May 23, 2016

Satire is F****** Great

Why is satire a good thing?
Satire is a good thing because it can bring humor to things that are not meant to be humorous which people enjoy. Some people find satire news disrespectful and rude because a lot of times it can take serious matters or news and make a joke out of the situation offending people. Those people are just to sensitive and need to grow some balls. For example people will take offense to this post on Reddit called The story of Jesus  But I found it hilarious.

Do you think that traditional media outlets should attempt to change their presentation to get more of an audience?
No I don't think traditional media outlets should change to get more of an audience because, we need media that is going to tell us exactly what happened and state the facts of a situation. We go to those media outlets to get news we trust to be true.

What do you think about the fact that only 10% of teens are interested in the  news and that most of them say that it's because the news is presented poorly?

I think that teens need to become interested in the news whether or not its presented the way they like it or another way. We need to stay somewhat up to date on what is happening in our world. We shouldn't have to make news all pretty and entertaining to get teenagers to pay attention to what is happening around them. They should want to know what is happening.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


On Reddit the purpose of the news is to get people talking about it. It allows anyone to post a link to a news story on another site and then reddit users are able to make a disscussion on the post. I think news is extremely important because you need to know whats going on in the world, but some news sources are bias so its hard to get your own opinion. I like watching and hearing about the news but in an unbiased manner.

News matters because it gives people a sense of reality. But by doing that news can become depressing. They cover a lot of deaths, sad stories, and war related things in the news making it often very depressing. When people only follow one news source they may only get one side of a story or one point of view, while people who use multiple news sources can get different sides and points of views on a story. For my news source the content wasnt for entertainment but more for people to disscuss their views on a topic of news. News makes me feel powerful. When I am caught up on news it allows me to feel more educated than other people which I feel powerful for.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


What kind of choices do you make about news? How does that impact your view of the world? Choosing "No." to news is also a choice.
I choose to only look at certain types of news sources. For example, the iPhone has a news app and when you first go on it they have you pick your favorite news sources out of a list. So I scroll through the list clicking on the news sources I wanna get my news from. This limits the amount and the context of the news I read.  If only click on celebrity magazines then I’m not gonna know about something that happens in another country, I’m gonna know what Justin Bieber did on a Friday night instead.
But which is more important to know? I would think it would be more important to know about what is going on throughout the world rather than what celeb wore what to a red carpet. But for some people they don't wanna see whats going on everywhere else, for some it scares them. All the stories about people being killed, or dieing, or fighting. Some of us don't wanna see that. So we stick to our PEOPLE magazines only worrying about what Khloe Kardashian wore to the gym.

Do you believe what the old folks say about online news being bad for people? Were things better when we had fewer choices? Or, is this something great?
Yes and no. I think online news can be helpful because so many people use the internet daily that it allows easy access to the news. But one thing is whats on the internet isn't always true. So if you use online news sources you have to make sure that your sources are reliable and have the story correct.

What's the difference between allowing people to customize their news and encouraging confirmation bias?
The difference is when you allow people to customize what they read is they can still get both sides of an issue. This gives the reader a chance to challenge there opinion on an issue. But conformation bias is when you have an opinion on something and you only read things that agree with your opinion. You never challenge your thoughts on it, which can convince you your right when you might actually be wrong.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Future of Journalism

How do you think the job of a reporter is changing?
   The job of a reporter is changing because with such a high demand of current news reporters always have to be aware of everything that is going on. Nowadays reporters don't always focus on getting information for stories correct but instead they focus on being the first one to get the information out . For example last April my brother was in a bad car accident. He rear ended a Ford super-duty truck a t75 mph and suffered severe injuries but every article online has the story wrong. The online articles state A Buffalo man suffered serious injuries in a rear-end type crash. The State Patrol says the incident happened just after 6:00 p.m. last (Thursday) night on Highway 55 in Buffalo. Twenty-year-old Brody Stevens was slowing down on eastbound Highway 55, preparing to take a left turn to go north on County Road 33, when his pickup was rear-ended by 59-year-old Denver Kent of Coon Rapids.

What are you basing your ideas for the future on?
   I am basing my ideas on the current advances in technology and the availability today's generation has to get any kind of news at the snap of a finger on there phones now.


I helped construct the layout of our design for our news app. I think my group did well with making it something that is up to date with todays technoogy. Something I would do differently if I could do it again would be make it more interactive for people.

Monday, February 22, 2016

What Is Journalism?

Journalist have had to learn and adapt to people accessing journalism on the mobile devices.

In the past, my newspaper work meant finding a good story, doing interviews and research, and filing my stories or columns on time. Those elements remain at the core, but new elements have been added. Now I want to generate audio and video along with text. With elders, they might get important journalism updates from the Television, or news papers. It is very easy to get updates on the go, by stopping into a gas station, or checking your twitter feed to get the most recent news that is out there. Many people may like getting information by watching the news, or reading the paper. On the Internet or social networking sites, it can be very hard to decipher what websites or sources are accurate or authentic. Many younger adults will settle for anything just so that they know what is going on, but they don't check to make sure that it is authentic information. With all of the false information that gets leaked into the Internet people start believing the wrong things.

Journalism is the way we tell a story and share news. Whether its photojournalism interested in capturing images that tell a story than ones that just look nice or its an on air broadcast of the basketball game on the radio. In today's time we are able to get news and information faster than ever before which can either be good or bad. Its bad because with such a high number of consumers in the journalism field the correct information often gets twisted. But it is also a good thing because it allows us to stay informed on events happening around us.